よりよい響きを求めて!   見附精機工業株式会社(MITSUKE)


MITSUKE Precision Manufacturing, a precision instruments
manufacturer and producer of audio components, is the leading
manufacturer of end pins in Japan.

Produced from a proprietary combination of metals, it enables
a beautiful sound from musical instruments.

Developed by a cellist, the Mitsuke endpin has demonstrated
to significantly improve sound. Many famous cellists and bassists
and bass clarinet player are using the Mitsuke end pin. Realize
a large improvement in
the sound quality from your instrument with the small price of
a Mitsuke end pin.

Mitsuke seiki kogyo corporation
: Osaka Japan.

大阪市城東区新喜多東1-13-7 見附精機工業
TEL 06-6961-0369  FAX 06-6961-4837
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